Attorney General Case File

Read the Keiro Deal Documents

For those who would like to read the entire case file of the pending Keiro sale, the following two links will provide you access to all the full set of documentation on record with the Attorney General, providing the disclosure that Keiro failed to do.

Please note that the following PDF files of the Attorney General Case File are not searchable, almost as if Keiro did not want it to be easy to quickly find and analyze the material they were providing to the A.G.

Volume I (88 MB PDF document)
Volume II (49 MB PDF document)

Updated Documentation Provided by A.G. on Dec 4, 2016

When the Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro challenged the Attorney General, citing numerous instances where the original case file was inadequate in supporting its decision to waive the public hearing, they eventually responded by stating that their case file was not complete. They then hastily provided some more documenation which was not provided to the public in their original release, adding proof to the sloppy job they did with the sale.  Basically, the A.G. provided additional email communication showing why they approved the sale and the justification of the waiver. Whether this additional material was adequate is very questionable.