“Speak-Out” Wall

The Writing’s on the Wall:

This is the place to voice your opinions or ideas about the pending sale and what can be done to Save Keiro!

6 thoughts on ““Speak-Out” Wall

  1. Anonymous

    Can someone provide concrete details of how culturally sensitive services have decreased? It honestly doesn’t really seem like it…I visit the facilities frequently…

    1. Keiko Ikeda

      According to reports from residents, families, and staff, Japanese-speaking staff and volunteers have decreased in the recent past months. Decrease in volunteers entail less culturally sensitive activities and classes that they were offering. Japanese TV network was discontinued for awhile due to lack of payment. Many Japanese-speaking residents, who were also volunteers, have moved out of the facility. Communication has become a problem with staff who are non-Japanese speaking.

  2. Anonymous

    One way the Japanese American community can do is volunteer or if you’re already a volunteer at Keiro, please continue to volunteer. That helps the residents and really makes their days the brightest. This will preserve the Japanese culture and activities.


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