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Eyewitness News Report (Jan 14, 2016)

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Chelsea Edwards of Eyewitness News, Channel 7 Los Angeles covered the press conference headed up by Congresspersons Maxine Waters and Judy Chu, who have both opposed the sale of the Keiro facilities and the way that the Attorney General handled the matter.  They are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to stop the sale of Keiro and to… Read more »

Video: Town Hall Meeting Guest Speakers

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Judy Chu, David Hadley, and Maxine Waters Voice Their Support to SaveKeiro! The Town Hall Meeting was graced with the presentations by 3 politicians who voiced their support to get the Attorney General to put the brakes on the sale of the Keiro facilities and to schedule a public forum to allow the community to voice their concerns and opinions… Read more »

Testimonies (Video)

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“Testimonies” is a video of Keiro residents, a prospective resident, and the only remaining Founder of Eight, who voice their situations,  worries and concerns regarding the pending sale of all 4 Keiro facilities. Since the buyer Pacifica, a for-profit real estate development company, is bound for only 5 years to maintain the retirement & nursing homes, there is much consternation… Read more »

Interview with Frank Omatsu (Video)

On October 21, 2015, was able to sit down and interview the only remaining founder of Keiro, Mr. Frank Omatsu, who is adamantly against the sale of the facilities to the real-estate development firm Pacifica Companies. In the interview, he recounts how the idea of Keiro originated, why it was deemed so important, and how the community support made… Read more »