Motion Passed by LA County Board of Supervisors

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Analysis of the Sale of Keiro Senior HealthCare Services Facilities Motion Passes

We would like to thank all those who participated in this week’s Board of Supervisors meeting, held Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Some of you came from far away, some were notified at the last minute, and many of you had to cancel your busy schedule/ medical appointment to attend and/or to prepare your talks. Our deep gratitude to all of you.

The Board of Supervisors Resolution on Keiro was prepared following a request to all the Supervisors made by Congresswoman Chu and Congresswoman Waters, and signed by other members of the Congress. The resolution passed with 1 abstention.  Supervisor Knabe abstained. The meeting was a big success and a victory for the community.

Now the investigations begin on Keiro’s wrongdoings and we will be notified, as will AG and Keiro of the outcome in 60 days.

Read the coverage in the Cultural News.

Solis and Ridley-Thomas move that the Board of Supervisors:

1) Resolve that the welfare and safety of Keiro residents is in the public interest;

2) Direct the Director of the Dept of Consumer and Business Affairs, in coordination with County Counsel and the Interim Director of the Dept of Public Health, to investigate claims of wrongdoing during the course of the transaction;

3) Direct the Interim Director of the Department of Public Health to provide information on skilled nursing facilities located within a 5-mile radius of Keiro Senior Healthcare facilities, the ability of these facilities to address the multiple language needs of residents, and the current evidence base and best practices related to social and community needs of seniors, and report back to the Board in 60 days with this analysis; and

4) Instruct the Chief Executive Officer to prepare a five signature letter to the Attorney General urging her to help protect Los Angeles County residents by dedicating sufficient resources to monitor and enforce continued compliance with the conditions of sale; and to ensure appropriate community oversight of the facilities.