Keiro to Hold Its First Public Meeting

Months after the sale of Keiro had been planned and put into motion, the Keiro Board has finally decided to have what amounts to its first public meeting to present their view on the pending sale of the facilities. While previous meetings have been restricted to residents and their relatives, it seems that possibly, public pressure by the community has resulted in this announcement. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 15, from 6:00PM – 8:00PM at Nishi Hongwanji.

The meeting announcement was posted in the Rafu Shimpo as well as sent via email to those on Keiro’s mailing list.

Shawn Miyake, President & CEO and Gary Kawaguchi, Chairman, Board of Directors
Keiro Senior HealthCare

Representatives from Pacifica Companies & Aspen Skilled Healthcare, Inc.

Japanese translation will be available.


815 E. 1ST ST.LOS ANGELES, CA  90012

One thought on “Keiro to Hold Its First Public Meeting

  1. Mas

    Now is the time for all Japanese Americans to come together and save the Keiro Facilities which was planned, funded, and built by the arduous efforts of many Nikkei leaders and volunteers.

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