Meeting With Consul General of Japan

administrator   October 29, 2015   Comments Off on Meeting With Consul General of Japan

Representatives of the Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro met with the Consul General of Japan earlier this week. The Committee was represented by Charles Igawa, Kenji Irie, Keiko Ikeda Irie, and Terry Handa.  The Consul General listened to the presentation given, mostly by Dr. Kenji Irie, to hear the community’s side of the issue. Apparently, the Consul General has been kept well educated by the Keiro Board on their side of the issue and so this meeting was really the first time that the community’s side has been presented.  The Consul General was somewhat perplexed as to why it took so long for the community to speak out. That comment seems to reinforce the tactics employed by Keiro during the entire process, trying to keep the sale as low key as possible.

The Rafu covered the meeting, and it can be read here. externalLink