Interview with Frank Omatsu (Video)

Interview-with-Frank-Omatsu-image-2-6x4On October 21, 2015, was able to sit down and interview the only remaining founder of Keiro, Mr. Frank Omatsu, who is adamantly against the sale of the facilities to the real-estate development firm Pacifica Companies.

In the interview, he recounts how the idea of Keiro originated, why it was deemed so important, and how the community support made Keiro a reality.

Japanese subtitles are available via the YouTube Player Control Panel (CC or Settings).

Some helpful terms/definitions:
 1) Issei: Japanese immigrant to America.
 2) Nisei: The first generation born in America; the children of Issei.
 3) Shin-Issei: Japanese immigrant who migrated after WWII; the "new" Issei.

5 thoughts on “Interview with Frank Omatsu (Video)

  1. Mariko

    Continuation is the key to next generation and power comes from there. Please wake up,for the people and by the people……

  2. Jeep M. Inoue

    Finally I had a chance to see Mr. Omatsu’s video today. Wow, how touching it was, and how grateful I am to have a chance to hear the history of how Keiro started. His words were so powerful. In his words, it taught me that our Japanese heritage and Japanse spirits lived here in U.S.A. I like people (old and young) who presently live in Japan to see this video too to remind our heritage. It’s not a good experience what we’re going through seeing Keiro being sold, but without it, I may never had a chance to learn of these great people like Messrs. Omatsu, Aratani and Wada. More so, we cannot let Keiro sold, can we? Respectively yours, Jeep

  3. Keiko Ikeda

    Thank you Mr. Omatsu for reminding us of Keiro’s precious roots which we need to cherish. I am very touched by your straightforward account of all the individuals, including yourself, that made Keiro what it is today. I feel very strongly that it is our responsibility to not only continue this treasured institution but to pass it down to the next generations. Sincerely, Keiko

  4. Shirley Bamaca

    The interview with Frank Omatsu was very moving and educational for all the people (including me) that didn’t know the philosophy of how Keiro was founded. I am moved by the kindness and compassion the original founders of Keiro had for the elder community. Keiro is not just a nursing home, Keiro is a place to feel at home and that should never be taken away!

    Shirley Bamaca.

  5. lynn arthurs

    the video of frank’s interview is quite moving. i felt he was precious water to the roots of a 100 year old oak tree. thank you everyone for keeping us engaged and realizing that dreams that came true need to stay alive and well.

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