Rafu Recap of Ad Hoc Committee’s 2nd Meeting

The Rafu website has a good summary of the Ad Hoc Committee to Save Keiro‘s 2nd meeting and open forum held at the Centenary United Methodist Church on Tuesday, October 13.  Of key note was the presence of Frank Omatsu, the sole remaining cofounder of Keiro.  Frank stated emphatically that he is against the sale, and never gave his approval to Miyake, despite the Keiro CEO’s claim that the founders were for it.

Here is the complete article: Keiro Founder Speaks Out Against Sale externalLink by Mia Nakaji Monnier

2 thoughts on “Rafu Recap of Ad Hoc Committee’s 2nd Meeting

  1. Brad M

    Hi Lillian,

    That is great that you would like to volunteer. If you wish to organize and collect petition signatures in your local area, you can download on this website all the necessary papers (a flyer that to present to potential signers explaining WHY the petition; the actual petition letters being sent (one to the Attorney General, the other to Keiro); and the accompanying blank signature sheets (there are separate ones for each petition).

    There are complete instructions where you can then mail the signature sheets once you’re ready.



    I would like to volunteer to help gather additional signatures. Please let me know the persons who is coordinating this. Thank you. 😊

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