Review of Keiro “Community” Meeting

20151015 Keiro Update Meeting Stop Sale Sign 0191Keiro finally conducted a meeting where the public was actually allowed to attend. The 2-hour meeting was in effect really just a 1-hour affair, since everything was presented in English and therefore required a translation in Japanese. The agenda was structured such that there would be very little time for real questions. Furthermore, all questions were required to be submitted in writing, and Keiro would then select which questions they would like to answer. Keiro also had their own proponents  in the crowd, a couple who were “picked” during the Q&A, but rather than ask a question, they attempted to convince the crowd why opposing the sale was futile.

20151015 Keiro Update Meeting Irie Miyake Sign 223Both KPCC and Rafu Shimpo were on hand to cover the event and published articles online:

KPCC: Selling Japanese senior housing will hurt community, protestors say externalLink by Josie Huang.
Rafu: Keiro Addresses Community at Open Meeting externalLink by Mia Nakji Monnier and Nao Naknishi.

Photos courtesy of Shige Higashi, Cultural News.

One thought on “Review of Keiro “Community” Meeting

  1. Jeff Yamauchi

    Shameful, shameful, shameful. Whoever is orchestrating the sell is scandalous and “NOT HUMAN” as my Uncle Shoan Yamauchi would say to these kinds of devious behavior.

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